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Smile – update

martedì, giugno 15th, 2010

Good morning

In this period we focus our attention on the shop development and, as you could see in the files below, we started to project a service architecture, a production plan with some economics and a branding.

In addition we did a review of the eco certifications, both for products and for processes, and  we opened a project website ( where it will be possible to check and try our service (our purpose is to show a demo during the final presentation)

Production plan and Economics




Attached you could find also the excel file used for the economic simulation. We are not expert so we made it simple as possible; if you have any suggestion to make it better, please tell us  so we can improve the simulation:

We re-insert here the link to the new version of the index, sure that it will be easier for you to have all files waiting a feedback in a single post.

As you know, today we will have the meeting with the consultant, so in the next days we will update the previous file (in particularly the economics, where we made a few assumptions) according to the info received.


Team C

Smile new index

martedì, giugno 1st, 2010

As said today , Here it’s possible to find the new version of our index.

We will upload soon the questions for Zanone and the reviewed presentation, according to what discuss into the meeting.

In the mean time, that’s what you see today:



SWG-FIRST | Knitting Machines


Team C

Smile Report Index- Update

domenica, aprile 25th, 2010

As request, here it’s possible to find our proposal for the index. Our intention was to write down all the topics that we want to analyze, so this must be used more as a guideline than as a real index.

  • Update:

Sorry for the misunderstanding, we were sure that you already have our final presentation. Anyhow, you could find it here

In these weeks we are doing some researches to start writing down the introduction of our paper and we are trying to organize a visit at Maclodio filati to have more information about their e-yarn. We are also waiting some information about the prototypes and when you think it will be possible to realize them. Moreover, as already mention in the winter review, we would like to make another visit with Shima and, if it’s possible, also with Zanone, in order to know more about the collection and the necessary technologies. Could you organize for us these two meetings?

Team C

Team C presentation

mercoledì, marzo 3rd, 2010

Ecco un WIP della nostra presentazione per la winter school

Winter-team C


team C

Team C 23/02/10

mercoledì, febbraio 24th, 2010

As usual, here you could find the presentation used in the last meeting. If you have other suggestions or comments, please write us.
Soon we will upload the presentation for the winter school
Team C

A few concepts

mercoledì, gennaio 27th, 2010

As request, here you could find the files presented during the last meeting
Team C

Virtual DNA
Home delivery service

Shima Seiki Visit – Team C

giovedì, gennaio 14th, 2010

Here you could find our relation of the Shima Seiki visit.
We choose to make it as a presentation to use it during the winter school presentation.
If you think it’s not ok and you want something more textual, as the others did, just let us know.
Sorry for the delayed upload.

Best regards

Team C

Service presentation

giovedì, novembre 5th, 2009

Service presentation used during the workshop of the 4/11/09


Team C

Production process

mercoledì, ottobre 14th, 2009



we found some information about the production process and we think could be helpful for everybody, so we share it  also if we are still working on it.

We think that it’s possible to underline two different processes, one for synthetic yarn and another for natural one. As you could see from the diagram the natural one is more complex and require some additional operation (at least washing and ironing) that are really time/resources consuming; due to that it’s possible to conclude that for the natural yarns it is necessary to consider at least a 24h deliver time. However we found that probably (we are searching more information) exists a technique to pre-process the natural yarn, reducing the necessity of additional treatments.

If you have any comment or suggestion please post it

See you


Team C Report

lunedì, agosto 31st, 2009

Our last work:

Team C


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