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Maglieria italiana

mercoledì, luglio 1st, 2009


I found this site (Maglieriaitaliana magazine) and I think it’s very interesting.
In particular I want to suggest an article about the Fast Fashion in Italy.
On the site you could find the magazine archive, where there are a lot of photos and informations (the files are very big, you need a fast connection to download it).

Marco Bracci shirts

domenica, marzo 29th, 2009



Camiceria De Lucia is an artisan firm which can satisfy all the customers’ needs thanks to a good organisation of the production, characterized by the artisan workmanship of our female workers.
Camiceria De Lucia, for over twenty years, has produced shirts for men, boxers, pajamas, swimwears, on direct consumer’s ordination, or on shops’ ordination, and also with personalized customer’s labels.
Camiceria De Lucia dressed and dresses important names of bankers, financiers and show people: this allows us to consider our product highly appreciated from those people searching for the quality of the wrapping, for the used fabrics, and for the one dress of our models.


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