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Maglieria italiana

mercoledì, luglio 1st, 2009


I found this site (Maglieriaitaliana magazine) and I think it’s very interesting.
In particular I want to suggest an article about the Fast Fashion in Italy.
On the site you could find the magazine archive, where there are a lot of photos and informations (the files are very big, you need a fast connection to download it).


mercoledì, giugno 10th, 2009


As headed by BasicNet S.p.A. – the sector parent company headquartered in Turin and publicly quoted in Italy, the Group is a major participant in the sector of branded leisurewear and sportswear, footwear and accessories with a collection of market-leading registered trademarks, including Kappa®, Robe di Kappa®, Jesus Jeans®, Lanzera®, K-Way® and Superga®.

The activity pursued by the Group unfolds into growing the value of its registered trademarks and proliferating branded product market positions through a global network of independent licensees.

The Group at a glance IT/EN
To look some products click here


domenica, maggio 24th, 2009


Welcome to, a place for promoting and perpetuating awareness of Lovemarks around the globe and creating emotional connections with consumers by allowing them to share their Lovemark stories.

If you want to have a look click here


domenica, marzo 29th, 2009
Puma Mongolian Shoe

Puma Mongolian Shoe

Just mass customization ore we can talk about a co-design experience?

(I’m sorry, the site is very heavy, you need a fast connection)


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