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Good morning

In this period we focus our attention on the shop development and, as you could see in the files below, we started to project a service architecture, a production plan with some economics and a branding.

In addition we did a review of the eco certifications, both for products and for processes, and  we opened a project website ( where it will be possible to check and try our service (our purpose is to show a demo during the final presentation)

Production plan and Economics




Attached you could find also the excel file used for the economic simulation. We are not expert so we made it simple as possible; if you have any suggestion to make it better, please tell us  so we can improve the simulation:

We re-insert here the link to the new version of the index, sure that it will be easier for you to have all files waiting a feedback in a single post.

As you know, today we will have the meeting with the consultant, so in the next days we will update the previous file (in particularly the economics, where we made a few assumptions) according to the info received.


Team C

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