Smile Report Index- Update

As request, here it’s possible to find our proposal for the index. Our intention was to write down all the topics that we want to analyze, so this must be used more as a guideline than as a real index.

  • Update:

Sorry for the misunderstanding, we were sure that you already have our final presentation. Anyhow, you could find it here

In these weeks we are doing some researches to start writing down the introduction of our paper and we are trying to organize a visit at Maclodio filati to have more information about their e-yarn. We are also waiting some information about the prototypes and when you think it will be possible to realize them. Moreover, as already mention in the winter review, we would like to make another visit with Shima and, if it’s possible, also with Zanone, in order to know more about the collection and the necessary technologies. Could you organize for us these two meetings?

Team C

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  1. LauraLaurenzi Says:

    thanks for your update.
    we had the final presentations, but we liked your work be reviewed after the Winter school.

    You will be updated about the meetings (Shima and Zanone)

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