Here you can find the categories and details of the brief.

Each group speaks with his colleagues not present at the meeting, discuss with other groups and let us know what you have chosen.



3_luogo dell’esperienza&valore della città

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2 Responses to “Brief/Areas”

  1. trive Says:

    We have met on Skype and we have come to the conclusion that we would like to develop the “Place of experience:City Center” area.

    A few reasons for that are:
    1) since the very beginning of the project we have developed a concept of the place of experience
    2) as shown in our presentations, we have also thought and found a lot about extra services
    3) nobody of us isn’t (from the perspective of the course of study) close to this area. For such reason the area is new and really interesting to develop.
    4) we would really love to (and be passionate about) further develop a concept of space, position in the town and social value for the city.

    We have now contacted the other teams and we will report you the final decisions.

    Yours sincerely,
    Team A

  2. Enrico Prunotto Says:

    Hi everybody,
    We think the all research areas are interesting, but we would like to analyze the sustainability, nowadays a very important topic. This concept is still not so common in the fashion industry and it will be extremely challenging develop a “impact zero” fashion lab.
    However, before making our final decision, we would like to wait the team B reply , to find the best compromise for all the groups.
    Best regards
    Team C

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