What’s going on?

Hello everybody !
How your work is going on?

It’s strange that you did not post some example, or case study, or documents about your area…
Are you searching somenthing?

Did you find something interesting?

Please! Start with the repository!
Please, give a tag to your posts referred to cases, example, documents…


3 Responses to “What’s going on?”

  1. Enrico Prunotto Says:

    Hi, in Bardonecchia we created our personal Rizomatic Map (we are correcting some errors and then we will post it), where we put all the words that can be helpful for the research. At the moment I think that all the team are working on the report. In the winter school we decided to organize it like a glossary, where we explain all the words in the map (all the words are new and are not present in your map). My team (C) write also a short description to express what we want to realise, I dont’n now what have done the other team.
    I think that next week we will post our report and our glossary and after we will start with the research.

  2. Katerina Says:

    I’ve found some scientific works and articles about co-designing and co-creating (they are about this topic but not related to fashion. Probably they could be useful anyway). Can I upload them there in the blog? Now I don’t remember the links, I have those papers on my computer. Is it possible upload them as documents in pdf not only links??

    Best regards,
    Ekaterina Vasilyeva

  3. LauraLaurenzi Says:

    Yes, you can insert every info in the blog!you can insert a photo about that and an abstract, after that upload a pdf file.

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