New teams

Attached you can find the new teams

ASP_New teams

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4 Responses to “New teams”

  1. Enrico Prunotto Says:

    Great,I would like just to precise that I’m studying in Linkoping (Sweden) and that I will come back home for Christmas. Thanks.

  2. Carlo Says:

    I thought it would have been the groups that decided the new configurations. I don’t understand why group C now has 6 members. I’m not ok with loosing one of my members without having discussed in the group if it was ok for them (or for us) or not. I apologize for the criticism but I’m upset about this.

  3. Carlo Says:

    I now read the email with the explanation so I apologize for being so straight forward. I didn’t realize that the deadline for suggesting new group’s configurations was in september. Can you give us 2 days so we can talk about it between the groups please?

  4. LauraLaurenziat Says:

    In July we announced thwe need to reconfigure the teams. Nobody has made proposals about this, so we arbitrarily decided.
    Now the group C has 6 members because one of them will come return in Italy on July 2010, then will have 5 people that can participate in meetings.
    By Monday you can make an alternative proposal.

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