Modaris 3D Fit Lectra

Modaris 3D Fit is an extension of Lectra’s tool Modaris, that enable fashion manufacturers to create and develop patterns for all kind of wear, from babies to women, from swimwear to uniforms, thanks to CAD simulator.

3D Fit allows virtual prototyping of the 2-dimensional patterns created, with a great saving of time and money for the fashion producer, up to 50% as advertised on Lectra’s website.

Combined with Modaris and PGS, two modeling solutions, 3D Fit can accomplished the request for faster designing and realization of seasonal collections, and users’ desire of customized clothes.

modaris-1Modaris 3D Fit has some relevant benefits, compared with similar tools.

First of all, it reduced the number of samples required for the simulation. A library of 140 materials is available for the creation of the piece of garment, and the simulation is available also remotely. Then materials can be validated, as well as comfort distribution, proportions and balance lines.

What’s more, the 3D Fit provide new sizes for mannequins, a “plus size” from 58 to 66 for men, and form 44 to 52 for women, taking into account the fact that the oversize population is rapidly increasing.

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