Workshop day – June 9th programme

Dear teams,

here you can find the workshop programme.


Stefano Maffei, Paola Bertola, Beatrice Villari, Pier Paolo Peduccio, Nicola Spiller, Alessandro Casinovi, Massimo Bianchini, Laura Laurenzi, Viola Chaira Vecchi.


Case histories presentation

Working method description


Politecnico di Milano, Via Durando 38/A

V piano Sala riunioni


h. 10.00

Introduction to the workshop day programme.

Taking stock of the situation (what we did? What will we do?)

h. 10.30

Presentation: Tissage. A knitwear workshop-store for on-site production and selling. – Laura Laurenzi

h. 11.00

Team A: Case histories presentation

h. 11.30

Team B: Case histories presentation

h. 12.00

Team C: Case histories presentation

h. 12.00 – 15.00

Brainstorming to elaborate several project proposals.

Identify project scenarios and elaborate service projects to develop a new kind of on-site knitwear production.

Particular attention will be given to develop some Service Ideas that:

- tackle issues and cruxes related with considered production process;

- Fall within the areas identified during WORK_01 and WORK_02 (Business, Distribution, Product, Service).

Output: a presentation (max 8 slides).

A project scenario to build a system that makes concrete the idea to design, produce and sale in a short time and in the same site (related to available technologies and alternative production systems).

h. 15.00

Brainstorming activity presentation (10’ for each team)

h. 15.30

ASP teaching staff discussion about:

Areas assignment,

Team’s output (case histories, project scenarios).

h. 16

Team’s presentation comment (case histories + scenarios)

Project-brief assignment.

Presentazione visite alle aziende [metà giugno, data da definire] – Alessandro Casinovi

Programma per visite a Carpi (SHIMA SEIKI, Sintesi FASHION Group) date – attività- logistica.

Planning dates

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2 Responses to “Workshop day – June 9th programme”

  1. Carlo Says:

    I don’t understad… do we have to write possible scenarios on a powerpoint before the meeting or will we develop them that day between 12:00 and 15:00?

  2. LauraLaurenzi Says:

    You can assume the interesting scenarios to be developed, which areas are unexplored.
    During the next meeting (June 9th) you have a workshop (having seen all the case studies) and then your scenario will be more defined.

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