Curriculum Vitae

Can you send me your CV with a photo and can you write if you have to go away for ERASMUS?

Thank you

Ps: Use CV template, now in word format!


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9 Responses to “Curriculum Vitae”

  1. federica sala Says:

    I’ll Sent you the CV after Easter because I’m leaving today. I’m on an Erasmus Exchange right now and it will finish at the beginning of june (6th).
    Best Regards,
    Federica Sala

  2. valdrin Says:

    I’ve done my CV but i don’t know whom to send it.

  3. LauraLaurenzi Says:

    I recived your CV,

  4. Paolo Cerutti Says:

    I sent you my CV few days ago, but i forget to say that i will be in Swtzerland (Lausanne) from Sept.2009 to Feb.2010.
    Sorry for the inconvenient.
    Paolo Cerutti

  5. LauraLaurenzi Says:


  6. LauraLaurenzi Says:

    - Domenico Barile
    - Giovanni Comoglio
    - Francesca Morroni
    - Ekaterina Vasilyeva
    - Federico Franzi
    - Elisa Ratto
    - Narine Tchilinguirian
    - Laura Lalario
    - Nastaran Rezaee
    - Federica Sala
    - Luca Schiatti

    I did not recive your CV…

    Laura Laurenzi

  7. Katerina Says:

    I’m sorry,I’ll send it as soon as possible. Should we send it by e-mail?

  8. LauraLaurenzi Says:

    Yes, of course! Send your CV to me.

    Best regards
    Laura Laurenzi

  9. Katerina Says:

    I’ve sent it. Please let me know if you’ll get it. I also sent my old CV because it contains more information about seminars and courses attended, working experience etc.

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