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IndossaME: a book about wearable electronics

lunedì, marzo 22nd, 2010


Since I’m particularly into wearable electronics I would like to inform you of the existence of a book regarding this topic.

It’s called “IndossaME: il design e le tecnologie indossabili” (yes, it’s in italian) and it might be helpful in case we want to extend further more the idea of customization.



PS: in case you’re wondering what are some examples of wearable electronics have a look at the following videos:

Fashion show

Video dress


Maglieria italiana

mercoledì, luglio 1st, 2009


I found this site (Maglieriaitaliana magazine) and I think it’s very interesting.
In particular I want to suggest an article about the Fast Fashion in Italy.
On the site you could find the magazine archive, where there are a lot of photos and informations (the files are very big, you need a fast connection to download it).

Microsoft Surface

martedì, maggio 26th, 2009


Microsoft Surface is a multi-touchscreen display that has been developed for business purposes. It has had good feedbacks, it has been applied in different scenarios. I link you those esplicative videos to show you that it would be possible to use it in both design phase, to help the user giving him back a visive feedback, a preview of what he/she is producing, and also in the “waiting” phase due to the production time.

Here’s the link to a youtube video showing one of the possible applications, in this example for a surfs store


martedì, aprile 28th, 2009

Every team of ASP multidisciplinary projects has a budget which is decided by the ASP Executive Committee to support expenses of activities related to the project development (e.g. travel expenses between Milano and Torino, visits to the external partner institution, costs for attending seminars or conferences concerning the project, and other related study trips).
The budget is proportional to the number of students of the team: a maximum of about 1.000 € gross over the two years per each student (therefore, in case of teams with 5 students, a maximum of about 5.000 € gross per team over the two years).
The sum is given to each individual student in the form of a scholarship over the two years. The maximum net amount of each scholarship is 925 €.

We underline that, although this scholarship is given to each single student (i.e. each student will not receive more than 925 € net), this sum is strictly related to the project: only costs concerning the ASP multidisciplinary project may be reimbursed on this scholarship and every expense must be planned upfront by the entire team. In the example of a team of 5 members, this means that the team has a net budget of maximum 4.625 €.  (p.13)

Mass customization

martedì, aprile 7th, 2009


I would like to suggest the thesis:

Salmazo, Lucia Mass customization e marketing one to one nei beni di consumo: i casi Factory 121, NIke, Levi’ s, Mattel.(2005)

[I'm sorry but it's in italian]

I found it on: , but you can find it also in media (here).

I have no time to read it all, but I think it’s very interesting.

Have a good Holiday



Other interesting links

sabato, marzo 28th, 2009

Look the Bianco collection

Go in: “Proposal – final presentation” and look  “Animate”

Interesting links

venerdì, marzo 27th, 2009

I want to suggest some links..

Can you publish and share your sources?


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