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Modaris 3D Fit Lectra

venerdì, maggio 29th, 2009

Modaris 3D Fit is an extension of Lectra’s tool Modaris, that enable fashion manufacturers to create and develop patterns for all kind of wear, from babies to women, from swimwear to uniforms, thanks to CAD simulator.

3D Fit allows virtual prototyping of the 2-dimensional patterns created, with a great saving of time and money for the fashion producer, up to 50% as advertised on Lectra’s website.

Combined with Modaris and PGS, two modeling solutions, 3D Fit can accomplished the request for faster designing and realization of seasonal collections, and users’ desire of customized clothes.

modaris-1Modaris 3D Fit has some relevant benefits, compared with similar tools.

First of all, it reduced the number of samples required for the simulation. A library of 140 materials is available for the creation of the piece of garment, and the simulation is available also remotely. Then materials can be validated, as well as comfort distribution, proportions and balance lines.

What’s more, the 3D Fit provide new sizes for mannequins, a “plus size” from 58 to 66 for men, and form 44 to 52 for women, taking into account the fact that the oversize population is rapidly increasing.

Group A


venerdì, maggio 29th, 2009


OptiTex is a 2D and 3D Microsoft Based CAD software that can fulfill the needs of fashion manufacturers in term of digitizing models and designing fashion products. The stage of prototyping of a dress for example has always been very expensive and unsustainable, due to material and economical waste.

OptiTex can solve this problem with a modern idea of prototypes: a virtual simulation of the final dress could be created and displayed on a screen, highlighting design, colors and material properties before the “real creation”.

Basic 2D tools have also more efficient 3D versions, that can provide a more interesting visual output. Particular tools have the goal of transform into 2D pattern each 3D model, and to create a 3D view out of the 2D design of pieces.

Group A

Microsoft Surface

martedì, maggio 26th, 2009


Microsoft Surface is a multi-touchscreen display that has been developed for business purposes. It has had good feedbacks, it has been applied in different scenarios. I link you those esplicative videos to show you that it would be possible to use it in both design phase, to help the user giving him back a visive feedback, a preview of what he/she is producing, and also in the “waiting” phase due to the production time.

Here’s the link to a youtube video showing one of the possible applications, in this example for a surfs store

Factory Boutique Shima

lunedì, maggio 25th, 2009

Shima Boutique

Wajima Kohsan Ltd. opened a “Factory Boutique Shima” in Wakayama, Japan at the end of 1995; this shop combines a production factory and a retail boutique, creating a revolutionary mash-up. This hybrid is possible thanks to Shima Seiki’s technology, which creates one-piece three-dimensional garments directly on the knitting machine. The customer is required to be in the boutique for 1 or 2
hours in order to select a certain style from a sample book, select color and yarn, be photographed in a studio and be provided with the composition which simulates the sweater design on him/her.
Prices range from 15,000 to 30,000 Japanese Yen (at present, 125 – 250$).
In this kind of shop there’s no technological tool such as the “magic mirror” or a computer-based 3D avatar used to design the garment: for such reason the Factory Boutique Shima is an innovative yet rudimental project compared to Fas.P.onSite.

Source web site

by Team A

IntelliFit Virtual Fitting Room

lunedì, maggio 25th, 2009

The IntelliFit Virtual Fitting Room represents an incredible example of the technologies that are spreading inside the fashion world and that might be used to enhance user experience and outputs of the Fas.P.onSite project.

The Intellifit Virtual Fitting Room has the ability of gathering customer measurements and provide custom made clothes and personalized fit suggestions. It uses a 3D whole body anthropometric scanner that can take measurements of a fully clothed individual. VFR is fast, accurate, safe, unobstrusive and easy-to-use; it guarantees a highly technological yet incredible user experience, which is what the Fas.P.onSite is looking for.

IntelliFit VFR is already used by Levi Strauss & CO., Charming Shoppes, INC. and Alvanon Incorporated.

by Team A

To do for collective meeting (June 9th):

venerdì, maggio 15th, 2009

- Case histories report (printed);
- Cases histories presentation (power point, flash, pdf, etc) containing:
       1. assigned case histories (images, main and innovative aspects),
       2. keywords map (WORK_01) updated with developed case histories,
       3. project scenarios related with issues, areas, experiences pointed out by analysed cases,
       4. opportunities / challenges of the identified project scenarios;
- digital report and presentation;
- post on every case history (proposed and approved) with a photo and a short abstract.

Approved case histories

lunedì, maggio 11th, 2009


Dear teams, we have considered your proposed cases and we have appreciated that you ranged many different areas, but we suggest you to focus on fashion cases:

- NO Nokia, Apple, Zagato

Replace with
- Modaris 3D Fit Electra
- Acne studios

complete SHIMA factory with Shima wholegarment.

IconNicholson’s three-panel Magic Mirror
Armani multi-concept boutique in Milan
IntelliFit Virtual Fitting Room
Factory Boutique Shima
Shima Wholegarment
Adidas Innovation center Paris
Heidi Slimane Image Policy
Modaris 3D fit Electra

- NO toyota, ethical industry,Shima Sheiki Wholegarment

Replace with

- Haptex virtual simulation
- Cat Mazza digital knitting and customization

Nike Blazer Mid ID
Microsoft Surface
Armani Ginza Tower
Fendi DIY Kit
Fashion & internet
Do it yourself
Elephant design
HAPtic sensing of virtual TEXtiles (Textile simulation method)
Cat Mazza digital knitting and customization
Leu Locati

- NO Armani, Stuart Weitzman and Louis Vuitton stores, Marni and Future System

Replace with

- Mokuba
- Prognose

Shoes: Calzoleria Rivolta vs miAdidas vs Converse Design your own
Giorgio Borruso
Apple (genius bar + concept store)
American Apparel
Glossom vs Polyvore
Issey Miyake

Share your links, info, images, reference materials!

The FasP Staff

Evaluation form – Team A/Team B

lunedì, maggio 4th, 2009

You could find their works here:



Evaluation Form – Team C

lunedì, maggio 4th, 2009

Hi everybody,

I post our second work

You could find it here:


Team C

Activities Program_April/September and Calendar

giovedì, aprile 30th, 2009


After the First Exercise, the teams have to participate to the Second preparatory exercise (Second Research Exercise).

1. On Friday 24th April we published in the blog:
- a Second Exercise guide document
- a “Case histories format” to report all the case histories that you collect
- a “Case histories description kit” to develop the approved case histories
By using that documents the students will have to select a certain number of relevant case histories (from 7 to 10) that they going to develop.

2. Before May 4th submit all the case histories you collected to the teaching staff in order to have them approved (by using the special “Case histories format”)
The proposed cases histories have to be different for each team and they have to deal all main areas (product, service, business, distribution, technology…)

3. Before May 8th the teaching staff will approve the proposed cases histories (we can accept/refuse the cases, eventually we will suggest integrative choices and / or replacement).

4. From May 8th to June 1st: develop the approved case

5. Presentation meeting: Cases histories presented by students, discussion about the areas, subdivision and assignment areas, planning future activities and specific actions (consider the period between the 15.06.09 and the 30.07.09)
6. Carpi trip (Shima-Seiki, Basic Net, Carpiformazione): consider the period between the 15.06.09 and the 28.06.09.

It is just a proof…



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