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Report Team B

lunedì, novembre 8th, 2010

Here the draft of our report:

Draft_Report TeamB

Team B_new images

mercoledì, ottobre 27th, 2010

Here it is possible to see the new pictures selected by Team B

Immagini per poster

Team B project updates

mercoledì, settembre 15th, 2010

Descrizione servizio x 15b

TEAM B Immagini x poster


Reviews: TEAM A – TEAM B – TEAM C

sabato, settembre 4th, 2010

Dear students, here you can find a review about your last presentation.. there are some notes very important to read and elaborate. I ask you to read your and the other commments. You have to work very hard on the project…

TEAM A 27july_review

TEAM B 27july_review


Next Project / Poster deadlines

venerdì, luglio 30th, 2010

Attached you can find a calendar about our next deadlines. (CONSEGNE ASP_studenti)

The program starts from September to final presentation in December.

Have a good Summer holiday.

See you in September.

Official Deadlines

lunedì, aprile 19th, 2010

The next official deadlines for ASP projects are:
- Oct. 31:  3rd progress report
- November: posters (towards the beginning of the month) and final reports (to 20).
Attached there is:
- Students of the guideline (in Chapter 5 you can find all the information about the final exams)
- Style sheet for the final report
- A facsimile of the cover of the final report.

a. report (style)


Students guidelines_5th_cycle[1]

calendar-eng-apr_dec 2010

PPT 23.02.2010

mercoledì, febbraio 24th, 2010

Tutor ppt with pojects summaries.


14-1-10 Review

domenica, febbraio 7th, 2010

Here it is possible to find the file presented during the last meeting, with the remarks made during the review and considerations on further developments.

Review and further develpoments

mercoledì, gennaio 13th, 2010

Report team B – Dic2 visit

Kindly find attached the report of our visit to the Shima Seiki company  in December

Team B


lunedì, novembre 9th, 2009

After a conversation with the other teams, we decided to split the work in:

Team  A -> Place/experience

Team  B -> Customization

Team  C -> Sustainability

You think it could be ok?

Best regards

Team  A, Team B, Team C


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