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Team A: concepts

venerdì, febbraio 12th, 2010

Here is the document we have developed after the 14-1 review.


Team A – Visit to Shima Report

lunedì, gennaio 11th, 2010

As requested we are posting the report for the visit to Shima.

Team A

Team A – Visit to Shima


lunedì, novembre 9th, 2009

After a conversation with the other teams, we decided to split the work in:

Team  A -> Place/experience

Team  B -> Customization

Team  C -> Sustainability

You think it could be ok?

Best regards

Team  A, Team B, Team C

Workshop day – November 4th programme

sabato, ottobre 24th, 2009

Dear teams,

here you can find the workshop programme.


h. 10.00 – 10.40

Introduction to the workshop day programme.

(working method and thematic areas)

Stefano Maffei

h. 10.45 – 11.00

Presentation: Production and urban context. – Pier Paolo Peruccio

h. 11.00 – 11.20

Presentation: Business models and extended liability company. – Nicola Spiller

h. 11.20 – 11.40

Presentation: Visualization techniques. – Viola Chiara Vecchi

h. 11.40 – 12.00

A framework for fashion product – start collection. – Alessandro Casinovi

h. 12.00 – 13.00

Team presentations.

h. 13.00 – 13.30


h. 13.30 – 14.00

Lunch break.

h. 14.00 – 16.00

Elaboration of the project-brief for each team.

ASP_Programma_4 novembre_2009 eng

New teams

giovedì, settembre 17th, 2009

Attached you can find the new teams

ASP_New teams

Team A – Visits report

mercoledì, settembre 2nd, 2009

I am posting the report done by Team A about the visits to Carpi and to Turin.

Team A visits report

Workshop presentations

venerdì, giugno 26th, 2009

On Media  you can find all presentations (June 9th).

TEAM A: Case histories (WorkShop presentation)

Team B: Case Histories (Workshop presentation)

Team C: Case Histories (Workshop presentation)


lunedì, giugno 8th, 2009


Acne is a swedish brand mainly operating in clothing area, even if fashion is only a part of a wider concept correctly explained by Acne’s founder themselves: “the initial idea was to build brands, their own as well as others’, within the fields of fashion, entertainment and technology. Although all members of the collective are independent entities acting in their own right in various fields of creativity, they all share the same vision and culture. This vision combines art and industry in equal measures, whether this is through clothing, film, printed matter or a global advertising campaign

The rsult is an alternative cultural system spreading from clothing to other fields like film-making, video art, photography and, most of all, editorial area: Acne Paper is in fact a review contributing to set the terms of a new lifestyle according to the social profile of an Acne customer:moreover, its issues are etirely available on the website and directly shareable on social networks.

The clothing field starts from denim concepts, to reach every kind of garment and every level of creation: some of current Acne collections are developed with Lanvin.  Diffusion is guaranteed by the online shop and the Studios (stores) placed in great cities of Europe and USA

Innovation stays in the socio-cultural features of the concept rather than in some technological application to new social needs or wills. Nowadays many brands shifted to the pursuit of a complete lifestyle trendsetting, but Acne was created in 1996 already considering this specific aim; Acne’s proper innovation can be found in integration of fashion with different disciplines.


lunedì, giugno 8th, 2009


Threadless is “a community-based tee shirt company with an ongoing, open call for design submissions - if your design is chosen, get paid $2500 + $500 per reprint”

Threadless is basically a website offering two possibilities: proposing t-shirt graphic designs and buying t-shirts. Both these paths can then be explored by using different keys.

For what concerns graphic design, the “Participate” area of the website allows users, after logging in, to: upload their own graphic proposals, or just submit them for a pre-upload critique; have a complete panorama of proposed designs and score them (0 up to 5) thus getting the most wanted designs printed on Threadless sold tees; access a blog where to get news about new collections or events proposed. Other areas in the website introduce instead to the sale tools.

Threadless innovation is both in the area of business and social-cultural behaviour, mainly focused on the idea of a continuous contest exciting the whole users-designers’ community: co-design is the real empowering engine of the concept.

Innovation can also be found in brand image strategies: the whole Threadless environment is featured with a low-profile attitude aiming to appeal a precise customer typology, such as young and “alternative” people.

In fact, the concept is creating a business by creating a community sharing a meaning of certain aspects of lifestyle and creativity.

The way to make this particular organization effective is a continuous simplifying of practices and techniques, and it is reached bythe simple setting of prexcise rules.

Case-study: Armani multi-concept boutique

lunedì, giugno 1st, 2009

Armani case is a good example for integrated selling fashion+services model. If in FasPon Site case consumers will have a time for waiting their order in the same place, it will be relevant to organize this place in a more complex way and to add there a recreation area: for ex. a small café or TV or show rooms. Armani case demonstrates that fashion industry can successfully include also high-level service products to make people be loyal.
It is also a good example of a “clever” organizing shopping place. If people spend more time there it became for them not only a simple boutique but a place where they can have a rest and enjoy the time together with friends or even alone.
“This is the Giorgio Armani multi-concept store where you can admire the Emporio Armani showrooms, Armani casa, and Armani fiori. You can also have an aperitif at the Emporio Armani Cafè or spend an evening at the restaurant Nobu, with a dinner by the best Japanese chef to emerge in the last 10 years: Nobuyuki Matsuhisa who opened this chain of restaurants together with Robert de Niro”
“On the ground floor of the Armani mini-mall, the small café is the ideal spot for an after-shopping drink. In the same premises, the Japanese Nobu is a must for after work drinks and sushi”.
Team A


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