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Reviews: TEAM A – TEAM B – TEAM C

sabato, settembre 4th, 2010

Dear students, here you can find a review about your last presentation.. there are some notes very important to read and elaborate. I ask you to read your and the other commments. You have to work very hard on the project…

TEAM A 27july_review

TEAM B 27july_review


Team A: updated material

sabato, luglio 31st, 2010

Here is our material (now updated!):

Next Project / Poster deadlines

venerdì, luglio 30th, 2010

Attached you can find a calendar about our next deadlines. (CONSEGNE ASP_studenti)

The program starts from September to final presentation in December.

Have a good Summer holiday.

See you in September.

Team A: updated documents

lunedì, giugno 14th, 2010

We are attaching:

  • Updated actors profiles
  • New case studies
  • Updated index
  • Updated timeline

in one single document.

Team A


Team A – Report, index, and presentation

martedì, maggio 4th, 2010




Official Deadlines

lunedì, aprile 19th, 2010

The next official deadlines for ASP projects are:
- Oct. 31:  3rd progress report
- November: posters (towards the beginning of the month) and final reports (to 20).
Attached there is:
- Students of the guideline (in Chapter 5 you can find all the information about the final exams)
- Style sheet for the final report
- A facsimile of the cover of the final report.

a. report (style)


Students guidelines_5th_cycle[1]

calendar-eng-apr_dec 2010

IndossaME: a book about wearable electronics

lunedì, marzo 22nd, 2010


Since I’m particularly into wearable electronics I would like to inform you of the existence of a book regarding this topic.

It’s called “IndossaME: il design e le tecnologie indossabili” (yes, it’s in italian) and it might be helpful in case we want to extend further more the idea of customization.



PS: in case you’re wondering what are some examples of wearable electronics have a look at the following videos:

Fashion show

Video dress


Team A: Winter School Presentation

martedì, marzo 9th, 2010

Click the link below to see our midterm presentation.


Team A

Team A midterm presentation

mercoledì, marzo 3rd, 2010

We are attaching our mid-term presentation.

Team A

Midterm presentation
Revisited presentation

PPT 23.02.2010

mercoledì, febbraio 24th, 2010

Tutor ppt with pojects summaries.



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