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Consegna 14 Giugno

lunedì, giugno 14th, 2010

Ecco il nostro lavoro. Abbiamo iniziato con una overview dell’industria della moda (ancora incompleta) e poi siamo andati nello specifico riguardo alcune tecnologie usate e riguardo il livello di customizzazione. L’indice è stato rivisto.

Report Index

Gruppo B

Skype meeting delay | June, 1st

martedì, maggio 25th, 2010

Dear students,
if you are in agreement with this program, we delay the Skype meeting to June 1st, 2010 from 9.30 to 13:00, in this order:

TEAM C_9.30-10.30
TEAM A_10.30 11:30
TEAM B_11.30-12.30

As usual, just one student for each group must become the spokesman…

Group B Report (with program of work) – extended power point presentation

venerdì, aprile 30th, 2010

Here is our report outline : Report Outline

and extended powerpoint: Midterm team B FASP lowres

Best regards

Group B

Team B winter school presentation

lunedì, marzo 8th, 2010

Here it is possible to find our presentation for the winter school review

Midterm review

Files Team B

martedì, marzo 2nd, 2010

Ecco qua:

Report con commenti: PresentationB

Midterm Presentation (Work In Process – versione finale per il 12 Marzo): MidtermBWORKINPROCESS


Gruppo B

Mid-term review

sabato, gennaio 30th, 2010

We had some news about the mid-term review that we will be in March:
1. the format to be delivered for the second progress report are the same received for the first phase of work
2. the presentation that you will do, during the winter school, will be a 4 / 5 slides, it will show the following aspects of the project:
- the specific objectives of the team (ie its interpretation and specification of the general objectives of the project,
- the main activities carried out,
- possible ideas and solutions that have already emerged
- planned future activities and open problems to be tackled

During the next meeting (February 23rd) will be viewed the drafts of this presentation, so we can discuss them and correct any mistakes, on time for the winter school.

A few concepts

mercoledì, gennaio 27th, 2010

As request, here you could find the files presented during the last meeting
Team C

Virtual DNA
Home delivery service

Shima Seiki_Report Team B

mercoledì, gennaio 13th, 2010

In “Media” section it is possible to find our report of the visit to Shima Seiki

January 14th:Skype Meeting

venerdì, gennaio 8th, 2010

Dear All,
We want to remember you next meeting on Thursday, January 14th:
Team A 14.00 – 15.00
Team B 15.00 – 16.00
Team C 16.00 – 17.00

During the review you should describe the concept in detail, describing the idea that is the basis of your project with progress compared to the previous revision.
The following week (18-24 January) you posted on the blog a document that contains the elaboration of progress compared to what was said during the meeting.
In this way students and teachers will be updated about progress work.

The next meeting will be in Milan on Tuesday, February 23 h.10.00-16.00.

How to describe the final project:
- Describe explicitly (graphically and / or textually) the steps that have led to the idea generation and how the idea has become a concept;
- Briefly define, as graphically as possible, the idea of service (using maps, graphs ,etc…)
- Create a storyboard (and environment) to illustrate the concept of service.

Give us a confirm for ’skype meeting on January 14th and the meeting in Milan on February 23rd.

New teams (Updated) & Workshop (4/11/09)

venerdì, ottobre 2nd, 2009

Attached you can find the final proposal for the teams; each group has an area to be developed.

The research will be presented at next meeting on Wednesday, November 4th at Politecnico di Milano (Bovisa) via Durando 38A Milano – 4th Floor – Sala Riunioni, h. 10.00.

During the month of research, share links and informations found.




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