Fas.P.onSite is a product-service of design, production and sale of knitwear. It is based on the idea to integrate the different phases of productive process in the same site.

It’s a place (lab) where it is possible to design, project and produce clothing on demand or/and in “real time”, in a very short time in order to deliver it directly to the final customer.

A “new” idea of customers, involved as co-designers and co-producers, is the “heart” of Fas.P.onSite concept, which is an evolution of a “knitting workshop’, a place where many different functions and activities involved in the production process (design, production and sale ) are mixed together.

The real innovation stays in the convergence between distribution and production processes and in the creation of new areas, places and activities resetting and innovating the evaluating, logistic and distributive system.

Moreover, Fas.P.onSite creates an alternative to the re-location of production, and the consequent loss of skills, through the improvement of new knowledge related to new technologies and alternative production systems.

Since all design, production and sale processes co-exist in the same area, the experience of choice, design, production and purchase of a knitwear is completely renewed, together with the related idea of “business”.

Fas.P.onSite is an experiment of ‘integrated factory’ that deeply changes and innovates also the concept of  customers’ “experience” .

The customer in fact becomes the centre of the manufacturing process, fully representing the idea of “mass customization”.

According to the ’system design’ perspective, it is really important that different, integrated and complementary skills (as chemical engineering, mechanics, computer science) converge, so that the whole design and production process can be designed.


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