U*tique Beauty Vending Machine

U*tique Beauty Vending Machine Interview (video)

In order to create a luxury image, a state-of-the-art and attractive design for the machine was essential. U*TIQUE machines feature a touch-screen interface, interactive LED lighting design, and an internal robot that delivers the products directly to the customers. The touch screen displays brand profiles, ingredient lists, and video demos, thereby enhancing the customer’s shopping experience in a quick and hassle-free way. The products themselves are displayed behind circular and diamond-shaped bubbles, which are programmed to change colors when touched. The machine has been described as “the Ferrari of vending machines” and “retail on demand.” The U*TIQUE shop is positioning itself as a luxury lifestyle brand and is creating a whole new dimension of personal shopping- automated retail. Brand partners include luxury icons like Lancome, Bliss, and Chantecaille. Segal plans on solidifying U*TIQUE’s brand image by placing the machines at boutique hotel lobbies, nightclub lounges, high-end shopping malls and airports. To further enhance their brand positioning, U*TIQUE has strategically partnered with Studio in Fred Segal (a luxury beauty boutique in Los Angeles) for their debut.

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