Shoe Vending Machine, Buy Shoes 24/7

The shoe vending machine located in London’s Carnaby Street, has 24 pairs of running shoes in six different sizes. I can see this being a hit with tourist’s who wear bad footwear. After miles of walking in pain, trying to look stylish, a pair of running shoes in a vending machine will come across as a mirage in a desert

Maybe in a near futur we will buy all kind of product in vending machine, like clothes, medecines, phones (already it’s possible to buy Iphone in some vending machine in airport!), beauty products……

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  1. Alessandro Carelli
    Alessandro Carelli Says:

    Una volta avevo visto anche il distributore di Smart (la macchina) ed il distributore di Cocacola semovente, nel senso che un poveraccio indossava l’impalcatura che poi portava in giro…se li ritrovo li posto qui!

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