LeadVine is an online social community that simplifies how companies find new customers. Search listings and make money with the information that you already have.  

How does it work?

LeadVine has two goals:

  1. Simplify how companies find new customers
  2. Have the community earn easy money for finding and sharing sales leads

Cold Calling. Networking. Door to Door Sales. Conferences. Sales Team. Commissions. These are some of the many ways companies obtain new customers. Getting new customers is a difficult and expensive process. LeadVine reduces the stress of finding new customers by helping you find new sales leads in a cheap and efficient way.

How can LeadVine find you new customers?

We do it the Web 2.0 way– ask the community to find you new customers. Everyday there are people in the world who come across sales leads you are looking for. Sales Lead Need: Looking for small to medium size companies in need of:

  • IT infrastructure (networking, systems architecture, data storage, etc);
  • Communication solutions (IP Telephony, hand held devices, video conferencing);
  • IT Support (help desk)

Everyday World: Two old college friends, Cristina and Erica, meet for dinner. During dinner Cristina complains to Erica about how work has become so stressful because the IT network went down several times this week, email is slow, and files that were stored in the network have been lost due to a computer virus. Cristina tells Erica that her boss just fired the IT Manager.

Normally what would happen, Erica would listen and express her condolences and that would be it. That information is useless to Erica. For an IT Consulting Firm that’s a hot sales opportunity! How much would the IT Consulting Firm pay for that information?

How can LeadVine make you easy money?

Everyday people come across information that is useless to them but useful to someone else. Ever know of any friends looking for a new job, looking to add a new room to the house, looking to build a new website, etc.? What did you do with that information? Probably nothing. There are companies willing to pay for that type of information, from recruiters, construction contractors, web developers, etc.

LeadVine gives you the ability to make money with information that is at your finger tips. Use LeadVine to find companies willing to pay you for valuable information you come across.


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