Huddle gives you simple, secure online workspaces containing powerful project and collaboration tools. Huddle is hosted, there’s no software to download and it’s free to get started. With Huddle you can:

Manage Projects
Share and Store Files Online
Create and Edit Documents Online
Have Group Discussions
Unlimited Users


Unlimited users: Invite as many people as you need.

Discussions: Don’t ‘reply all’. Use Discussion forums to brainstorm ideas.

Document creation: Create and edit Word and Excel documents online.

Storage: Store, share and manage your files 1GB+.

Project alerts and notifications: Assign tasks, auto reminders and iCal integration.

Whiteboards: Or wiki, share ideas, comments, etc.

Document management: Automated versioning, audit trails and approval workflows.

Custom branding: Customise your dashboard, homepage, emails, own URL.

Notifications: Via dashboard, email, and RSS.

Security: 128 bit SSL, control over who can see and read documents.

document sharing

group collaboration


Online editing: Make changes to files online

Search: Search files by name, type, author, date

iCal: Add tasks to your other calendars


Manage: Projects, Teams, Relationships

Space: from 1GB free

Unlimited users

Tools: Whiteboards, Calendars, Free online word processor & spreadsheets

Support: Online, email, phone

Online idenity

Users: Control who joins, posts and works in your huddle. View team profiles

Tracking: Track reviews, approvals, progress. Post & view comments on all items

Permissions: Set user privileges, see audit trails of activity. SSL security

Shared vision

Whiteboards: Brainstorm ideas

Workspaces: Bring as many people as you wish into one workspace

Notifications: Alerts by email and RSS

Flat structure

Network: Choose best people for the job, regardless of location

Dashboard: See all your workspaces in one place – regardless of who set them up

Branding: Simple customization of dashboard and individual workspaces




Low-priced and more value for money than competitors

Unlimited users

Free accounts starting with 1Gb space


Workspaces: Create a workspace for each project you are working on

Members: Invite the right people to work with you in your project workspaces

Simplify your online project management: Assign tasks, view calendar, auto reminders


File Store: Store and share documents from one place

Online editing: Make changes to documents online

Search: Search files by name, type, author, date

Calendar: Assign tasks, automatic reminders, iCal integration


Tracking: Track reviews, approvals, progress. RSS, email alerts

User permissions: Set user privileges, monitor usage

Security: SSL, dedicated data centre, fully backed up, guaranteed uptime



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