Future Melbourne

The Future Melbourne wiki is an interactive website where you can comment, discuss and even directly edit the content of the plan. This is a bold innovation in participatory democracy for the people of Melbourne. It is also the first time that a local government has utilised an online collaborative process to develop a shared strategic vision. The opinions and thoughts of the Australian public were gathered and harnessed using wiki technology in order to improve upon the ten year strategic vision plan the government wants to undertake for the city of Melbourne. The wiki allowed registered users to contribute, add or edit to the strategic plan document, which was brought forth by the Future Melbourne panel. This allowed the public to change, comment, discuss or edit the content of the Draft Plan during a time called the public consultation period which lasted from May 17 to June 14th. The public can be harnessed and can have a voice regarding the development of their city, and a wiki is a great tool to use for that purpose. Future city planning using public contribution might want to consider how to get more individual opinions/submissions leading up to the creation of the strategic 10 year vision for Melbourne.  More

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