Children interactive library

The interactive children’s library is an untraditional and interdisciplinary research and development project exploring the children’s library of the future. The project was conducted in the period 2004-2006 by the Main Library in Aarhus with financial support from the Danish National Library Authority’s development pool for public and school libraries.

Imagine a children´s library where movements activate the room and elements in the library, and where imagination is stimulated by sound, images and light. And at the same time it is possible to place oneself in isolation and become deeply absorbed.

How do we create a physical and virtual sensation of being inside and outside, of being both alone and part of a social group?

It could be by making use of installations where children by touching can answer questions and evoke light, sound or movements in the room. It could be by making use of interactive programmes built into installations for children to interact with and thereby encourage their interest in decoding symbols, images and text. Children’s communication with the library, with the materials, with the room and with other children is visualized and inter-activated.

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